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Tree Inventory Tools?

By December 3, 2015 Uncategorized No Comments

What tools do you need to complete a tree inventory?


  1. Data Collection Device & Software – You can use paper but it is a lot quicker and more accurate to log your data digitally.
  2. Support Information – Maps that show property lines and geographically delineate a property to develop management units if necessary . For a municipal tree inventory you should have the right-of-way widths to determine in the tree is located in the municipal right-of-way.
  3. Diameter Tape or Biltmore stick to measure the diameter of the tree.
  4. Clinometer to measure tree height, leans and slopes.
  5. Sounding Hammer to sound trees for decay.
  6. Binocular/Monocular to evaluate issues in the tree.
  7. Pocket Knife for probing and pealing bark.
  8. Hand Lens for diagnosing pest problems.
  9. Numbered Tree Tags, Nails and Wire for tagging trees
  10. A way to carry all of this equipment:
    1. Safety Vest with sufficient stow space and/or
    2. Tool belt
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