Chris Luley
Andrew Pleninger

Application Owners, Design & Support


Owners and designers of Christopher J. Luley, PhD and Andrew G. Pleninger, are experienced arborists and urban foresters first. Leaders in tree care resources, we developed this application to meet our client’s tree inventory management needs and foster our relationship with our clients. Urforian Manager is also a unique product in that our Subscribers are also designers of the application. Their use of Urforian Manager and their needs are continually adding value to the product.

Urban Forestry, LLC has over 50 years combined experience in arboriculture, urban forest management and computerized tree inventory management, Dr. Luley and Mr. Pleninger have literally lived and worked the complete evolution of information technology in arboriculture and urban forestry. Mr. Pleninger and Dr. Luley have inventoried thousands of trees utilizing nearly all field data collection devices made available on the market of the years from PDA’s, tablet computers to survey grade GPS units.

UFLLC offered and serviced a desktop-based tree inventory management application called ArborWare to its New York municipal clients over the past seven years. is an outgrowth of our tree inventory, management and software experience and offers the latest in online and web-based technologies.


Programming & Hosting

mvintech_logoMVINTECH has a team experienced in providing web application support. Rick Wanner (president of MVINTECH), has been working as an Information Technology (IT) professional for over 30 years for clients in commercial, government, and military applications world-wide.

MVINTECH currently provides design, development, hosting, and application support services to hundreds of clients and domains. Internet sites range from small businesses to applications supporting 1000’s of simultaneous users world-wide.

Hosting Overview

MVINTECH provides hosting of the Urforian Manager application in the Phoen1x Data Center located in the Griffiss Business Park in Rome, NY. Phoen1x is a state-of the art Data Center engineered using the latest design methodologies including zoned cooling, redundant power supply sources and redundant load balanced links to multiple tier 1 internet providers . The combination of these items offer you the most current best practices in data center design and management. Phoen1x is operational 24/7, 365 days per year with both physical and network (intrusion detection) systems securing facilities against unauthorized access.