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Pendragon Forms Software

FINAL-pendragon-choiceDigitize your plant inventory work with Pendragon Forms software.  “Forms “is a powerful and simple to use program that allows the user to build field data collection apps for use on any mobile device with operating systems including; Android, iOS, Palm OS and Windows Mobile. After data collection, the user exports their data into a spreadsheet for building a plant inventory and/or generating reports such as data summaries, work orders or importing into i-Tree.  The desktop software runs in Windows 2000 or higher. Mac users; a hosted version is available, contact us for more information.

With your purchase from urforian, you receive technical support from us to maximizing its use for green industry applications, as well as ready to use data collection apps (Forms). Your purchase of Industrial or Universal includes the software and one (1) user license which allows you to use the software with one mobile device. If you have more than one mobile device, additional user licenses can be purchased.

urforian Manager Users

urforian Manager’s Import/Export tool design makes it ideal for use with Pendragon Forms. Your purchase will include pre-built apps for use with urforian Manager to import a new inventory or export and update an existing urforian Manager inventory.

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